Integrated Annual Report 2021

At UMW, we continue to transform and progress the organisation along its value creation journey. Our strategy for growth and sustainability, encapsulated in CREST@2021 will drive our aspirations to fully unlock the potentials available in the Mobility space. UMW’s strategies of moving the organisation forward across all areas of our business, pushes us to deliver excellence and create sustainable value in every step of the way. We are accelerating our own carbon neutrality journey and contributing to the reduction of the nation’s carbon footprint, while constantly innovating in all our businesses.

We will continue to strengthen the ecosystem in which we operate by building new relationships to drive technological advancements and attract new investments to our shores. UMW will remain dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers while exploring future possibilities to deliver long-term sustainable value to our stakeholders and relentless business sustainable growth. This parametric design reflects a ripple effect, which suggests momentum and progress representing UMW Group’s commitment to embracing sustainability and hence, Redefining Sustainability.

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